S T U D E N T   W O R K   2 0 1 8

– A campaign dedicated to unite all women of different faith, colour and purpose –

P R O J E C T: 
The campaign targets 15-25 year old females who have been exposed to the negative behaviour’s labelled on Muslim Women internationally. This campaign will convince females that they share more similarities than differences with Muslim Women. Proof is that celebrating our similarity’s we have as women from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds will unite and harmonise our society. That our differences is inevitable but it does not overpower our common emotional and physical needs we share as women.
The need to feel...
Does this not make us the same?
P O S T E R S 
B  O  O  K  L  E  T
B  A  D  G  E  S
T H A N K    Y O U
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