Islamic Design Studio
Personal Online Business designed and created by Zakkiyya Shah

P R O J E C T 

Islamic Design Studio offers a platform where Tradition, Minimalism and Abstraction coexist. Their work is inspired by traditional Islamic art infused with contemporary ideas. They offer a varied range of categories offering cost-effective downloadable prints. These categories include Abstract Art Prints, Arabic Calligraphy Prints and Typographic Prints. They efficiently continue to create new, unique pieces to fill homes and offices with beautiful work inspired by traditional inspirations. 

G O A L 
To add a contemporary, minimal flare to the store. The Etsy store needed to stand out from competing Arabic calligraphy store's selling the same products. I needed to make sure it had a consistent theme and presence. The store should appeal to all ages but in particular, young adults.

R E  B R A N D
Prints (scripted and designed all prints)
Etsy Store Webpage (use commercial use mockups and create a banner)
Website (Adobe portfolio)​​​​​​​
L O G O 

C L E A N .  F U N .  C O N T E M P O R A R Y .  M I N I M A L  ​​​​​​​

P R I N T S 

Airy, young, calm, minimal, tradition, simple and beautiful aesthetic representing a unique taste
of contemporary Islamic Art designed by IslamicDesignStudio.
It's about taking your breath away.  

E T S Y   S T O R E  P A G E   &   W E B S I T E

P R I N T S   P U R C H A S E   P A G E 
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